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By participating in any AOC activities, you automatically agree to follow our rules. These rules are current as of Monday, April 24, 2017 and are subject to change at any time with or without notice.

    Members and guests (Participants) must recognize the authority of the trip coordinator(s)/organizer(s)/officer(s) (Club Representatives) and follow any additional rules they set up for Atlanta Outdoor Club (Club) events/outings/activities (Event) - especially if the additional rules involve your safety. Events can be cancelled or modified at the discretion of the Club Representative (for lack of interest, inclement weather or having a personal conflict with the Event). The AOC will attempt to replace a Club Representative on an Event should they be unable to attend and inform the Club in a timely manner. Club Representatives have the authority to:
    1. Remove or reject any person from participation if they are not in condition for the Event. This is a safety issue and also helps assure the enjoyment of the other Participants.
    2. Participants are expected to stay together on both the trip to and during the Event. The Club Representative will adjust the pace of the Event to meet everyone's needs.
    3. Participants are expected to commit to the entire Event. The Club Representative cannot do their job if some Participants only go partway through the Event and then return on their own.
    4. If there is an emergency and/or injury, the Club Representative will terminate the Event or let someone help the injured back to transportation or medics. The volunteer will be required to be familiar with the way back.

    Remember that you are representing the AOC while participating in any AOC event! Please conduct yourself in such a way as not to detract from the enjoyment of the other Participants (at all times). You may be removed or excluded from the Event should your behaviour warrant such an action. Note that we encourage all members to follow our Etiquette Guidelines at all times while participating in AOC events.

    The AOC does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.


    The Atlanta Outdoor Club Cancellation Policy has been designed out of consideration for event attendees and coordinators, to ensure that we avoid the following as often as possible:
    - Event "no shows" who prevent members on the waiting list from attending an event.
    - Trip Leaders and attendees being left to waste time waiting for those "no shows".
    - Unnecessary last-minute drop-outs which result in people from the waiting list not being able to get onto the event.

    • To cancel out of an event after the registration cut-off, you cannot delete your own registration from the web site. You must phone the coordinator and follow up with an e-mail to confirm.
    • If you cancel out of an event after the registration cut-off date, you must phone the Trip Leader at least 2 hours in advance of that carpool/meeting time. If you don't, you may be recorded as a "no show" at the coordinator's discretion.
    • If you are more than ten minutes late for a carpool or meeting place, you may be recorded as a "no show" at the coordinator's discretion. If you are uncertain as to where you're supposed to meet, make sure you ask the coordinator for clarification prior to the day of the event.
    • If a person has two or more "no shows" in a year, their spot on future events cannot be guaranteed. The Trip Leader may, at their discretion, move that person from the sign up list to the bottom of the event waiting list.
    • If a person has two or more "no shows" in a year, and they put themselves on the waiting list for an event, other members on the waiting list may be added to the event first at the discretion of the event coordinator.
    • If a person has five or more "no shows" in a year, they will receive a warning e-mail and may be removed from the club at the discretion of the club officers.
    • Event attendees are responsible for having a valid e-mail address and for checking their e-mail prior to an event.
    • Trip Leaders will be responsible for phoning anyone added from the waiting list within 24 hours of carpool/meeting time; otherwise, a "no show" cannot be logged against any person.
    • Trip Leaders will attempt to send out a reminder e-mail within 24 to 48 hours of the carpool/meeting time; HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of each attendee to be aware of their events and abide by the cancellation policy.

    This policy is not designed to punish people, but only to be fair to all concerned parties. To that end, Trip Leaders may be convinced to reverse a "no show" flag if they are contacted within a reasonable period of time after the event and made aware of extenuating circumstances. This will be up to the discretion of the coordinator and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    As well, exceptions may be made to this standard cancellation policy for any event. If there are exceptions to the policy, they will be stated as part of the event details. Make sure you read the event details carefully.

    • Complaint about a Volunteer/Event:
      All coordinators are volunteers. You are welcome to take part in their activities, but you do so at your own risk. Only written complaints against an Trip Leader or club volunteer will be considered. They may be addressed to the Director of Events, Bill Pike, at The focus of the complaint policy is on improvement rather than discipline.
    • Complaint about another Club Member:
      The club strongly encourages members to deal with issues directly. If you are unable or unwilling to deal directly with the person (or persons) involved, please follow these guidelines:
      1. Complaints must be sent to the club President and Vice President via e-mail. Please include date(s), time(s), event(s), behavior(s), what your reactions/responses were, and any corroborating evidence (ie. e-mails) or witnesses.
      2. Complaints absolutely must come first-hand by the victim. No second- or third-hand information will be acted on or considered unless it is in corroboration with the original complaint.
      3. Complaints must be serious. Harrassment (sexual or otherwise), violence, illegal activities, dangerous driving, etc are valid complaints. Talking non-stop during carpool is not.
      4. Complaints must be specific. Vague accusations of being "creepy" or "annoying" are not valid complaints. In the event of vague complaints, the club may choose to hold off action until more evidence is produced, or the perpetrator acts inappropriately again.
      5. Complaints must stem from club activities. Actions of members interacting outside of club events, or who interact with members on an event without being signed up for that event themselves will not be reprimanded through the club.
      6. Complaints must be timely. You must contact the club executive within 48 hours of the event to make your complaint.
    • Please Note:
      1. Although the club executive will be discreet (ie. will not disclose your identity), they cannot guarantee anonymity because when communicating the nature of the complaint to the perpetrator, it may be possible for them to deduce who the complaint originated with.
      2. The club will not serve as a mediator for personal disputes.
      3. The club may choose not provide details on how the situation is handled, only that a warning was sent, etc.
      4. In the event of a first complaint against someone, they will likely receive a warning (unless the situation is very extreme). In the case that the club receives multiple complaints against the same person, they may be removed from the club.
      5. In the event of retaliation (ie. an attack via e-mail or phone) resulting from the complaint, the perpetrator may be suspended/expelled without question.

    The AOC encourages responsible drinking. Some Events may allow for the purchase and/or consumption of alcohol. We simply ask that you do not overdo it. By consuming alcohol, you give permission to allow Club Representatives to find alternative ways to transport you home/get you to the remainder of the Event or exclude you from the remainder of the Event.

  7. DOGS
    Dogs are permitted on SOME Events. This is at the discretion of the Club Representative and whether the area in which the Event occurs permits them. Please see a specific Eventís details to see if dogs are permitted. You must also register your dog on an Event that permits them so that the trip coordinator is prepared as far as carpool, etc. Your dog will need to be trained to stay with the group and/or be on a leash at all times, and must be able to get along with other dogs which may be attending the event.
    Hiking With Your Dog: All the United States national parks as well as the Georgia state parks in our vicinity allow dogs in the backcountry with the stipulation that they be physically restrained the entire time. AOC Policy is to follow the rules or laws of the area that we are in at all times, and the AOC and its Volunteers are not responsible for mishaps (or fines) that occur on an event due to the behavior of dogs (or their owners) who attend our events.
    Carpooling With Your Dog: Dog owners must be able/willing to transport their own dog to the event, and in the case where a willing driver is not available, the dog and owner will be turned away. Dog owners must pay an extra (full) portion of the carpool amount in the event that their dog prevents a person from using a spot in a vehicle (ie. because the dog is using the spot, or because packs/equipment must use a spot because the dog is using the area that would normally hold it). If a dog is small enough to comfortably ride at its owner's feet or on their lap, the extra payment for carpool does not apply.

    All pets and animals, besides dogs, are prohibited from all Activities unless express written permission is granted by a Club Representative. Participants with prohibited pets or animals during an Activity will be asked to remove them.

    All Participants must be a minimum age of 21 years old to participate in any Activity.

    When participating in an Adventure Sport, we ask that you leave a clean trail and unlittered camp. We encourage you to clean up after others that have come before you, as much as you can. This allows others to enjoy the trail and camp, as you did.
    1. Stay on the trail. Do not create shortcuts. Shortcuts can cause erosion and damages the trail and trail environment. (Report any fallen trees or misuse of the trails to the club President, Trena Chellino).
    2. Carry out all litter. Leave the campsite and trail cleaner than you found it. If there is preexisting litter, please dispose or take with you as much as you can.
    3. Do not remove and take with you pieces of nature that you may encounter on the trail. Club Representatives may ask you to surrender such items and/or return them to where you found them.
    4. Protect water sources. Do not use soap in streams/lakes. Wash yourself, utensils, and clothes away from all water sources.
    5. Bury human waste. Where privies are not available, dig a "cathole" at least 6 inches deep and cover afterward. You should be at least 100 yards from any water source or camping area. Do not leave toilet paper above ground.
    6. Sterilize all drinking water. Treat water with iodine tablets, filter or boil before consuming.
    7. Take care with food. Animals frequent camp/picnic areas. If staying overnight, hang food at least 10 feet above ground and away from the trunk of the tree. Leaving food in your automobile is fine, if possible. Also, never leave smelly products (like toothpaste) in your tent.
    8. Be careful with fires. Use campstoves for cooking. Use only downed wood for campfires and keep them small. Never leave a fire unattended and always extinguish them with water. Some areas have fire bans along the trail, so be sure to check before starting a fire.

    Event Attendees are responsible for their own First Aid care and are encouraged to carry a first aid kit, and have first aid training.

    Treat wildlife with respect. Always observe from a safe distance. The AOC does not encourage or condone approaching wild animals or attempting to feed them.

    Firearms/weapons, fireworks, and all illegal substances are prohibited on all Activities
Also note that all Club Participants MUST sign the AOC waiver before participation is allowed in an Event.

Please see the AOC FAQs should you need more information before joining us on an Event.
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