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You have found one of the largest and most active outdoor clubs in the Atlanta area: the Atlanta Outdoor Club. Also known as the AOC, our club is a vibrant community for outdoor adventurists.

Our website has a wealth of information, so start exploring!

    - The membership info page is a great starting point for those looking to join.

    - Our Mission Statement describes our purpose and core values.

    - Many common questions and answers can be found on our FAQs page.

Keep reading to learn more about our founding and heritage.


The Atlanta Outdoor Club was formed in 2000, when Amy Pickwick searched the Internet for a local outdoor group that offered a variety of activities for adults of all ages. Finding few results, she used her web development skills to create an online meeting and information spot for an outdoor club. From that humble beginning, the AOC has grown into a large and diverse group of outdoor enthusiasts who participate in hundreds of adventures each year. Since our founding, we have hosted more than 12,500 events.

AOC Founders

AOC Founders
Todd Biggs, Dawn Cain, Phil Tuck, Stacia Gessner
Amy Pickwick, Dawnmarie Oyler, Katherine Martin