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AOC Vision

At Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC), nature and adventure inspire us. By connecting people with a sense of discovery and exploration, we create opportunities to develop an enthusiasm for nature into a passion for life. While thriving on adventure, we take risks responsibly and welcome enthusiasts of all levels to join in the fun. A 100% volunteer organization, AOC inspires, educates, and leads the outdoor community in Atlanta and beyond.

AOC Mission

Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC) is about fun and adventure outdoors. A self-sustaining, no-fee club, AOC creates camping, adventure, and fitness oriented events. With skill, ingenuity and imagination, AOC trip leaders are the heart and soul of the club. Trip leaders are given the resources and flexibility to create organized, well managed events. Our emphasis is on diversity in all its forms - events, experience levels, and backgrounds. Our members bring positive attitudes, responsibility, friendship, and a commitment to share their love of the outdoors.

AOC Values

Our values are the touchstone for our actions and attitudes...

  •    • Respect: Regard for people and nature.
  •    • Benevolence: Do no harm and leave no trace.
  •    • Openness: Social climate that builds camaraderie.
  •    • Diverse: Wide range of ability, experience, and ethnic backgrounds.
  •    • Active: Challenging, resilient, and non-competitive approach to exploration.
  •    • Structure: Clear, organized, accountable, events and governance.