Sat, Mar 7 2015 - Beautiful Falls and Wonderful Trails at Cochran Mill Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Joyce T.
Participants:John Stirman, Joyce T., Adel, Connie, Russ, Marianna, Kim W, Rachel L, Suzanne, Carol, Jose F., Sara F, Mike S, Daveo, KimVo

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Write Up:

Cochran Mill Park has so much to offer! There's ample parking (be sure to bring $5 for the vehicle parking fee), miles of beautiful trails, waterfalls, waterways, rocks, and a gorgeous Nature Center. We kept up a comfortable pace throughout the hike, with a short restroom break half-way through. John filled in some historical information about the park as we traveled. Everyone was delighted with the sunny, warm day after several days of dreary, cold weather last week. Today's hike was extra special because the Vogels reached milestone events - - a 100th and 200th event celebration!

Lunch at the Blue Eyed Daisy topped off the event, where "almost" all of us indulged in some delicious sweet treats. (Adel has such willpower!) ~ Joyce