Sat, May 2 2015 - AOC Survival Series: Introduction to Survival Skills (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark, Todd M
Participants:Todd M, Mark, Ryan, Tracy Lynch, Chris Hansen

Write Up:

We survived our first in the "AOC Survival Series" event!

Day 1 We found an empty camp site near a trout stream that was a little bit off the forest service road, and set up camp. Then Mark lead various discussions (Shelter, Fire, Priorities, Day Pack Essentials). Ryan shared his expertise on tarp shelters. Todd talked about knives/cutting tools and safe cutting techniques.
Everyone added to each of these discussions, as there was a wealth of knowledge within the entire group.

Then we split up to gather fire wood and other materials necessary to make fire and shelter. Mark showed us how to find and process fat wood from fallen pine trees for starting fire. Chris set up an awesome tarp lean-to.

Then we all began chopping, cutting, slicing to create piles of tinder, kindling, and firewood. Everyone decided it would be cool to try to start a fire using the bow drill technique, so Todd did a demo as everyone made their own bow.
After a concerted and combined effort we created a coal and blew it into flame to get our camp fire going.

Now that we had shelter and fire it was time to relax, cook up dinner and enjoy ourselves.

Day 2 after a leisurely breakfast we decided it would be cool to use navigation skills to find Cochran Falls through the wilderness. So Mark lead the way and demonstrated how to use topo maps to find land features to reach a destination. Of course, all the while we were finding wild edibles and other useful plants. After a challenging trek over steep terrain we finally arrived at our destination. Most of us had never been to the falls, and were very impressed at this natural wonder.

For the return trip back to camp we decided on a different route using trails to take us to the Len Foote Hike Inn which several in the group had never been to. It is always a great place to take in refreshments and rest up.
From there it was down a steep hill to the road back to camp.

Great experience! Although the main theme was to cover survival basics it was a great way for all skill levels to improve their survival knowledge and skills.

Thanks to all who participated and for sharing what you know!  Thanks to Mark and Ryan for helping to make this event possible.

* If you are interested in participating in future events in the "AOC Survival Series" please look for discussions on the AOC Facebook page where we will be looking for input on event formats.