Sat, Jun 6 2015 - TFF - Three Forks Fun (Hiking, Waterfalls, Swimming) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Erik, Mark
Participants:Sandi Scheier, Adam, Mark, Erik, Laura V, Mike, Ken, Tracy, Kristi, Connie, Michael Johnson, Eric, Shru, Kathy R.

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Write Up:

Saturday's hike was an awesome trek through the Chattahooche National Forest to Three Forks. The first leg of the hike started by crossing and hopping across Big Creek (although not as big as when we would later see it). The trail weaved along old logging roads and around foothills. Because the forest was so damp and shady, there were many spots surrounded by poison ivy.

The first stop was at a large waterfall on Overflow Creek. The recent rain provided lots of water to tumble over the falls. Mike double checked the water hole for rocks and didn't find any, and so Mark took the first jump in. The water was ice cold but jumping in was welcomed as the air got hotter.

We then made our way to the actual Three Forks to stop longer and have lunch. Half of the group stayed at the sand beach to enjoy the area while some others went off to explore further up each creek. Adam led the way in climbing over rocks to new areas.

The final stops on the trip were two different vantage points of a third set of falls. The first was at the bottom, the second was a very tight trail above the falls. This set of falls cascaded through very deep, narrow rocks with incredible speed and power. A slip into the water would have gauranteed instant death.

We all made it back though -- all 14 humans and Shru's spunky puppy Mia. The day was long and tough, but the great sights and cold water provided nice breaks. About half of the team slipped at some point (slick rocks, slippery dirt). You could say we got two types of "falls" on this trip.

Thanks Mark for the trip plan and the co-lead opportunity.