Mon, Jun 29 2015 - Rare Venus-Jupiter Conjunction + Night Hike at Mason Mill Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Heidi W.
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Patti R, Pat, Janelle, Jackie C, Pina R, Sharon, Rick, Tory, Huiling, Lyndsay, Lee Wilschek, Constance Charmaine, Greg Walling, Heidi W., Thomas W., Brigitte, Herm D, Edith, Gary F, Denise A, Harry F, David Duffey, Robin Walling, Mark, Sarah Rivera, Christy F

Write Up:

We feel lucky to have been together last night to experience the "music of the spheres" as brilliant Venus and giant Jupiter line up side-by-side in the western sky.  Special thanks to Herm, Harry and Rick for bringing their telescopes and sharing amazing closeup views of Venus, Jupiter and its moons, the rings and moons of Saturn and the craters of our own beautiful moon!  We encourage everyone to simply walk outside and look west on any of the next few evenings and hopefully witness some of the same celestial beauty that we enjoyed.
  Before the observing session we had fun together on a leisurely hike to Medlock Park and back, with stops along the way to discuss the parks' fascinating natural and human history.   Thanks to 4 brand new AOC members - Edith & Gary, Sarah and Christy- for choosing this as your first event with our fine club.  Also thanks to Heidi for doing such a fine job as my co-leader. Hope to see you again soon!  - Submitted by Charlie in the wee hours Tuesday

POSTSCRIPT 9:45 TUE NIGHT:  I just walked a few yards down the street from my home here in NE Atlanta and was delighted to get a good view (naked eye and with my binocs) of the actual 1/3-of-one-degree closest approach of the 2 planets during this conjunction.  Venus right now is just a "half pinky finger width at arm's length" below Jupiter.  The beautiful big orange 99%-full moon is also in full view rising across the street. -Charlie