Sun, Aug 16 2015 - Hike and Swim, Lake Winfield Scott to Blood Mountain ( Modified ) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Victor, Marion
Participants:Victor, Marion, Adel, Marina, Youri Smeshko, Damien, Suzanne, Scott Sweitzer, Gary Hubert

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Write Up:

What a great way to spend this gorgeous Sunday! The 8 mile hike went by in a heartbeat. We had lunch on top of Blood Mountain and enjoyed the great view. On the way back, we enjoyed a nice breeze and ended the hike with an hour swim in the lake. Ok - I have to admit, while the ladies opted for some wading at the edge of the water and some bonding, the guys went all in and braved the cold waters! I don't give away who, but one of the guys even brought his snorkel and mask!

Some of us stopped by the Thai restaurant for dinner on the way back, and having sampled several Thai places latetely, this one is pretty good for the price they charge. It was a good ending to a great Sunday!

Marion and Victor