Sat, Aug 23 2003 - Five waterfalls in Rabun County, Georgia and Gourmet dining (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Michael Aubertine, Bruce, Paige Shee, James M Storey, , Nicole Riseley, , Jennifer Feister, Amanda Easley, Tiffany Hart, karen gennuso, Kari Salomon, David Esau, Donna Esau, Udo Licht, Steve Henderson, Judy Lam, Meri Christensen, Frederick Choi, Marsha Simonson

Write Up:
With help of AOC event leader Michael Aubertine, got hints about event leading for AOC, fearless leader Bruce Aldridge, greeted people as they showed up, gave out driving directions to navigators, drivers and we were on our way. It was a great day of hiking with a wonderful and lively group with several adventurers and comedians, which made for a great day of adventure and many laughs on two beautiful trails with cascading creeks and waterfalls; and mostly good and comfortable, sunny weather. The first trail on Holcomb Creek where many adventured, water dipped and/or soaked and enjoyed the scenery on at two waterfalls; the second after a moderately difficult and long climb from Ammons Creek Falls-the second of three waterfalls on this trail loop.

Then we drove to our second trailhead at Warwoman Dell recreation area. We drove to the cul-de-sac and used the wonderful, but limited restroom facilities (with ‘bus gearshift-sanitation pull’-many contested to see how many times they could pull it to properly clean the toilette provided us and how much noise they could make for the eagerly awaiting restroom line).

From the restroom competition, we moved to the second trailhead, on the Bartram Trail, which was a longer but generally less strenuous hike than the first. We walked up the short but steep hill past Becky Branch falls; and onto the easier, more rolling wooded and well flowered trail to Martin Creek cascades and waterfall—the latter was many peoples favorite of the day. On the way back, and most of way out, the group was entertained by rolling thunder, a few nerve shattering and close lightning bursts, and then some heavy rain at Becky Branch falls, a few hundred yards from the end of trail. The rain shortened good-byes, to seven returning to Atlanta earlier, without dining; including Band-Aid woman (who shall remain nameless because she is a good comedienne and trail entertainer-- who sustained a minor cut, one bee bite and two tender heels)

This left us nine of our group to wait patiently, with the aid of alcoholic beverages, for a table at Julia’s restaurant—south of Clayton. All delighted participants soon discovered what a culinary wonder Julia’s food was; including lobster bisque, strawberry spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, trout prepared several ways and scallops; among others with wonderful vegetable sides and great desserts.

The dinner group all returned to Atlanta a little later than planned, but having lived up to the fearless leaders motto: ‘to consume at least as many if not more calories than we could have possibly expended during the days activities’. In all it was a great day, a great group; I thank and God bless all involved for their part in the days good times and entertainment, and great food, if you know what I mean. (Credit to Steve for last six words)

Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Various