Fri, Sep 23 2016 - Dauset Trails Annual Fall Camping & Adventure Weekend: Free Kayaking & Canoeing! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Lyndsay
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Gloria, Kevin, Vicky G, Alex, Christopher Jones, Huiling, Marlo N, Brian, Eric, Gayle M., Jackie C, Rebecca, Norman Pollard, Bob D., Adel, Anne, Hillary, Lyndsay, BethQ, Helena F, Jason B, HeatherP, Teresa, Amy W, Rodney R, Jeff

Write Up:

We Dauset Trails adventurers had an unforgettable good time together on this 17th semiannual AOC retreat at the lovely nature preserve near Atlanta.  A big pat on the back to all who helped prepare and serve our group meals all weekend and clean up afterward!  Kudos to everyone for bringing such a variety of delicious food & refreshments to share - plus nice camp stoves and other useful gear and supplies.
  Saturday morning after breakfast many of us enjoyed a leisurely walking excursion from our campsite to to the Nature Center's famous Wild Animal Trail, Museum, and "antique" Barnyard.  Special thanks to Lyndsay for the nice job she did co-leading the trip.  She's on the professional staff of Zoo Atlanta and we appreciated her commentary on the dozens of amazing wild critters we encountered all weekend and esp. during our Saturday AM walk.  Thanks also to Kevin and Brian who did much more than their share in ensuring that we had wonderful blazing campfires both nights!
  Most of our group enjoyed hiking the lovely 3-mile connecting trail between Dauset Trails and Indian Springs Village, where numerous treats reward visitors.  These include the "whimsical botanical garden," the famous natural spring at Indian Springs State Park, and ICE CREAM!
  Despite the afternoon temperatures being hotter than normal for this time of year we felt very lucky to have such gorgeous clear weather.  Both nights we enjoyed sky-gazing and could see the Milky Way, Mars, Sagittarius, the Summer Triangle, the North Star, the Andromeda Galaxy, meteors and other heavenly delights.
  I hope many of you can join us for our next AOC retreat at this wonderful place, scheduled and reserved for Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, 2016.
  -Submitted by Charlie, 10:30 AM Monday