Fri, Mar 22 2002 - Hiking and Hot Tubs (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Darcy Chalfin, Lewie H. Rosner, Marti S. Rosner, Barry, , Christopher S. Jackson, , Amy Rampley, , Paul B. Dunio, Jeff Asher,

Write Up:
What a great time! Good job Kat on organizing everything, and the food was excellent:) It was really nice meeting such good people.

A great weekend. A few afterthoughts....
Victor - Working on getting a mountain bike.
Kendra - Next time I play Scrabble by YOUR rules.
Chris - You play a mean guitar.
Katt - Dinner was delicious.
Lewie & Marti - Working on McCarthy tickets.
Amy - Great throwing arm.
Dawnmarie - Cant bring work with you next time.
To all the rest, I enjoyed making you breakfast - count on it next time!!


This past weekend was an unexpected relaxing & fun trip! The Mexican buffet rocked! Thanks, Katt! I liked the openness of the group and the fact we had an agenda, but we didnt have to follow it (nor did we). There were many activities to do (had the computers been up). I enjoyed the leisure atmosphere of the group. People did what they wanted to do at their own pace. I wouldnt recommend anything different (other than advice to ourselves to wait until the 2nd night to party hard). I am constantly on the go with my job, and it was refreshing to have a weekend like we did with the AIC (Atlanta Indoor Club)group. Im looking forward to future outings. I am so glad I found this group.

Location and lodging- excellent
Events- relaxing and laidback, unstructured nature of activities worked well with this event.
Meals- excellent-abundant hot meals, snacks, and drinks Group Size in relation to event- perfect

I would definitely keep this lodge in mind as well as the former canoe lodge we stayed at for another unstructured future event especially for the fall during foliage and apple season.

It was a very nice weekend. Even nicer... the feeling of waking up this morning and NOT still being in my bathing suit!
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