Thu, Jun 23 2016 - (HOTT): Island Ford: (H)ike (O)n (T)hursday + (T)rivia (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Marion, Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Marion, JoAnn, Debbie G, Leo McGregor, SusanF, Joe R, Allston, Jon Miner, Norman Pollard, Aaron, Mike S, Jim

Write Up:

It was lucky thirteen for our HOTT hike. Since we all arrived and were ready to go early, we thirteen hikers started our trek early at Island Ford. We powered through the trails for an hour and a half, then topped it off with the grand finale up the hill to the parking lot.

After a quick wardrobe change, we reappeared at North River Tavern as team Hardy Soles. We shared a tableful of appetizers, hoisted beverages, and traded bawdy banter to the tune of nostalgic music. Although there was a very large field of competitors, we triumphed with a solid third place finish and $20 bar cash for another time. 

It was a HOTT night in the city for sure.