Wed, Feb 3 2010 - Summit Sunset Series #3 - Fort Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Tony C, Larry Cooper
Participants:Tony C, Larry Cooper, Warren

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Write Up:
What a beautiful day to play hooky and hike for 7 hours.  We really made the most of the day at Fort Mountain SP....starting off on the trails near the top, checking out the western overlook and one to the north with a beautiful view of the impressive Cohuttas.  

Then we hit the Gahuti proper and worked our way up and down and around it...we took the Goldmine Creek Trail and enjoyed some rock hopping water crossings there, and then took the Big Rock trail to the lake for lunch...of course having to do the Lake trail while we were there.

Then it was back on the Gahuti for the last challenging couple of miles back up to the top to catch the sunset.   Some clouds had moved onto the western horizon at that point and muted the power of the sunset, but it was still nice.   We ended up doing about 12 miles and nearly 3000' of ascent, so definitely a good workout and we didn't waste of daylight, heading back to the car as the light faded above and the little streetlights twinkled on far down below in Chatsworth.

The last time we did the Gahuti, it wasn't blazed very well, but they definitely have overcompensated for that deficiency since then.  There were time when you could stand there and see no less than 8 blazes on the trees ahead.  Oh well, at least we didn't get lost.

The little waterfalls along the way were nice and it was just a great winter day to be out on the coming soon...