Sat, Oct 18 2003 - Five waterfalls in North Carolina and Whiteside Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Bruce, Donna M. Werner, Michael Aubertine, , Sara Jacenko, Jennifer Stacy, Ben P, gadawg, Jim K, Sidney Perkowitz, Agwild, Paige Shee, , Larry Muir, Maria Lorente, Leslie A. Davis, Udo Licht, Kim Register, Sharon Baldwin, Peter Rohl

Write Up:
The day started early and chilly in the park and ride as we waited until 8:15am for several no shows, beside many who couldn’t make it for various reasons. We left promptly at 8:15am, expecting traffic problems in NC, from excessive numbers of color tourers; and lucky we made haste; as the parking lot at Whiteside Mountain was already quite full upon our arrival shortly after 11am. We gathered and made the short but steep ascent up the mountain to many panoramic viewpoints offering mountain vistas from each of several stops on the fairly level top of Whiteside Mountain. AT one where we stopped, many of us got a good group portrait; hopefully all with open eyes and nice smiles.

Then, after many views we got to the ‘squirrel’ path not many that come up on Whiteside know about, the path to the ‘Devil’s Courthouse’ overlook; which all enjoyed and thought was spectacular. We all got the added bonus show of two rappelers from Florida, who followed us down and rappelled down a rock face as many of us watched. (Especially several women with flirting, gazing interests of these good looking young men in tight fitting rappelling gear --say no more, know what I mean) We all pray they made it safely back up.

After making our way back up and out, we walked down the easy way to the parking lot, and visited the ‘lovely’ relatively unkempt restroom facilities at Whiteside Mountain; all living through the experience. Then we traveled to our second trailhead around 4pm, slightly south of Highlands, NC and got to use our parking passes the second time at Glenn Falls. The fall colors we more vibrant and framed all 3 waterfalls on Eastern Fork of Overflow Creek very nicely; and hopefully many got nice shots. Udo got his chilly, but pleasant dip at Glenn Falls, which was worthy of the extended visit, as all three were; and we are all glad he lived through the experience-as it looked a mite slippery. I had the pleasant surprise of having my sister Mona, who came up separately, on a whim, on her own color tour,drop in on us briefly at Glenn Falls.

It was too late in the day to go back to view Dry Falls, after we all made the short but steep climb back up; so we all said our goodbyes, and made our way back to Atlanta and the nights activities many had planned.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Leslie Davis