Sun, Nov 6 2016 - Mount Yonah and Pink Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Victor, Joyce T.
Participants:Victor, Eric M, Gena, Adel, Mark W, Dr. Barbara, Tatiana, Gabriela, Joyce T., Dieter, Jim, Jess H, Tim, Yan, Homa H

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Write Up:

Some great sights and fantastic trails today. The colorful autumn leaves are past their prime and are now heavily carpeting the trails, but there were still enough left on the trees to make for beautiful views. Our group hiked up two mountains, enjoying friendly conversation throughout the day - - a great reason why hiking with AOC members is always so enjoyable.

We did have a slight bit of drama due to our splitting the group for a portion of the hike so that some could cross the challenging chain section while others opted for the trails to the top. A lesson we should always keep in mind: stay in sight of your trip leader! Joyce lost part of the group as some faster hikers took the wrong trail and went to the top of the mountain instead of the rock overlook where we planned to eat lunch. The "misplaced" individuals were eventually found and all ultimately went smoothly.

Sadly, the effects of recent forest fires in the Cohuttas was evident as our beautiful view from the overlook was dulled by distant smoke; but we were fortunate to have clean, clear air to breathe throughout our hike. ~ Joyce