Sat, Nov 19 2016 - Chattooga River Trail Backpacking (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Grant Brown
Participants:Kristi, Grant Brown, Silvia, Luke Warren, Nancy L, Teresa R, Todd M, john everly, Nikki H, Cathy

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Write Up:

Had a great group for a cold, red-flag warned windy weekend on the wild and scenic Chattooga River.  There was concern for fire and smoke in the region.  We arrived in Clayton to see a small amount of smoke.  When we exited through Clayton on Sunday, there was a clear amount of smoky haze in the sunbeams.  Otherwise, we didn't notice poor air or fire.  Saw remnants of arsonist work along Warm Woman Road, but nothing too serious.  The walk in was nice.  Saw numerous trout fisherman.  Saw a guy pull in a big rainbow trout at about 12 inches in length.  Set up camp in the smaller area of a big site.  Got beaten by two guys to the big group site by minutes!  Some walked down to check out Lick Log Falls while others continued with camp set up.  Happy hour and music started a little early with sunset coming in fast.  Luke, Grant, and Todd played lots of songs into the night while Kristi, Silvia and Nancy joined in on percussion.  We got a few 30 MPH gusts of wind, one around midnight.  It was pretty cold at 30 degrees and wind.  Couldn't have a fire, so, we had lot of candles in the fire pit.  It added a nice ambience to camp to say the least.  Put out a tiny amount of heat too.  We played songs and told many epic stories about our legendary friend Tom C.!  Climbing into chilled sleeping bags, some shivery could be heard.  I think the toughest part to following the rules and respecting the drought and red flag warning with no campfire was to get out of the tent and not have a nice warm fire to cozy up to first thing.  We burned some oatmeal, drank some coffee and hit the trail early.  Some headed back, some of us had a nice finishing meal a Clayton Mexican place.  It was an all around good event.  Thanks to all who participated!  Photos