Tue, Jan 24 2017 - Leita Thompson Morning Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Trish
Participants:Trish, Linda H, Laura, Dan Space R, Larry S, Sharon, Shirley N, Bette, Jeff, Carol, Jose F., Bob R, Jeff Gimpel, Gerrilyn, Steve F, Leigh B

Write Up:

Due to a crashed laptop, this write-up is being done on a napkin. I think that's a first. Trip Leader (TL) said a crashed laptop is not an excuse.

What a gorgeous day after all the rain. We really lucked up. A little chilly to start and that was cured by a really fast pace by the TL. (I know this because I was running.) We are all like family now and conversation flowed to the point where Jeff ran into a tree. It's great that we all move around to catch up with everyone on the hike. In fact we were all so busy talking we don't even know what route we took except it was all up hill.  The consensus is we did 6.3 miles in two hours.  ~Linda