Sun, Feb 5 2017 - Laurel Ridge Trail at Buford Dam - The Extended Version/Path Less Traversed (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lauren, Jerry K
Participants:Jerry K, Lauren, Bonnie R, Sherry, Tim W, Allison B.

Write Up:

Definitely an exploratory hike. We found ourselves traversing logs, sliding down mud, climbing down and up ravines, bushwacking, overall having a great time! We saw our destination, but didn't reach due to time constraints and the fact that the trail was longer and held more obstacles than thought. The phrase of the day was "check your inner princess at the door", because we did much more than hike up or down an established path. We're excited about going back here again, knowing the full hike would be 11 miles and a D4. Today was easily a D4 at 7 miles!