Fri, Apr 7 2017 - Classic Pioneer Camping - Cloudland Canyon (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bill, Stacey Johnson, Grant Brown, Todd M, Wynn
Participants:Grant Brown, Todd M, Cheryl P, Tricia S., Mamatha, Luke Warren, Bill, Stacey Johnson, Wynn, Jordan, Nancy L, Kathy Malone, Silvia, Emily, Bob Bunner, john everly, Kristi, Maria T, Mirna, Jackie C, Paula Sapp, Jenny, Alice Edwards, Kevin, Charlie Cottingham, Steve Edwards, Eric, Stefan, Fer, Susan W, Morgane, April, Allison B., Wendy M, Mary Kay, Lynn, Tom Russo, Lara Chen

Write Up:

Steaks and songs for the Pioneers!  Congrats to all for bringing back the classic pioneer camp!  We had a great weekend with cool but sunny weather.  Many arrived Friday and began setting up.  Chef Wynn along with a host of seu chefs got to work setting up the propane burners and giant charcoal grill.  We relaxed through the afternoon, played a game of washers and hiked out the canyon's rim for the sunset while chief fire inspector Kevin readied the big stack of wood and started the fire.  Dinner was burgers and hot dogs.  After dinner Grant and Luke got out the guitars [with Silvia on tambourine!] and the music and fun began til after midnight.  Charlie added a song here and there and we closed out the night with his gospels and show tunes.  The night was nippy.  The chefs were up early making coffee and heating things up for the awesome breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese tortillas that would greet the hungry campers.  After a relaxed breakfast around the fire all headed out for a day of hiking in the canyon.  The waterfalls were filled to the brim; even the western creek that falls into the canyon perpendicularly was fill and flowing big and loud.  The group split up a bit and some headed north through the bottom of the canyon to Sitton's Gulch.  Grant and Laura rented some mountain bikes from the visitor's center and took a nice afternoon ride down the Cloudland Canyon Connector trail.  Saturday night was a grand dinner.  Sou Chef Alice prepared a wonderful cilantro, onion salad while Bill and Wynn manned the pan searing and grilling of salmon, steak, and veggie burgers.  The meals were fantastic!  After dinner we had another long night of music and socializing and added Todd Muller and his harmonica to the band along with Kristi on egg shakers.  The next morning was a quick breakfast and goodbyes.  Thanks to all who planned such a great trip and thanks to all who participated.  It was great meeting new folks and great getting to know old friends better.  See you next time!

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