Sun, Feb 19 2017 - Pounding the Palisades Pavement! Rottenwood Creek, Bob Callan Loop and Akers Mill East Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Eric M
Participants:Eric M, Sue M., Dr. Barbara, Heather, cindy h, Beth S, Trena, Allison B., Kym, Norm Melton, Laurene, Pina R, Marge H, Charlie Cottingham, Adrienne, Lev, Zahra, Amir

Write Up:

What a wonderful hike with perfect weather!  I had so much fun with all of you hiking the West Palisades Rottenwood Creak, Bob Callan and Akers Mill trails to Cochran Shoals and back!  How tempting that we passed by Heirloom BBQ, a local favorite, on the way back to our cars, perhaps next time we'll take the plunge!  I enjoyed spending time with all of you, and hope to see you al again soon.  Look for this hike more regularly in the near future.  Don't forget to check us out on Facebook at look for photos there!