Sat, Mar 11 2017 - AOC Survival Series: Introduction to Survival Skills (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark, Todd M
Participants:Todd M, Mark, Laura V, Jim "210" Tuten, Mark W, Nancy L, Silvia, Luke Warren, John aka Comrade, Daniel, Bryan E., April

Write Up:

We had an even dozen brave souls who came out to the national forest in cold, wet conditions for the weekend to learn and practice essential survival skills.  We found the perfect spot for the event next to Nimblewill creek in a picturesque mountain setting well away from the sights, sounds, and smells of civilization.

After everyone had set up camp, we talked about survival priorities, and the importance of stopping for 20 minutes once you realize you may be lost, to calm down, rest, and plan what you need to do.  Most wilderness deaths are caused by exposure (either heat stroke or getting too cold), so we discussed how to deal with that.

Then Laura did a presentation on first aid, as she is a certified cpr and first aid instructor.  Big thanks to Laura!

Then we talked about how to find materials for making fire, and went foraging to get tinder and kindling for the fire building excercise.

After gathering firewood for our group camp fire, we did the fire excercise where everyone was challenged with starting a fire with the materials they had gathered.  Everyone was able to succeed using a firesteel.  Not an easy thing to do in the wet conditions we were in!

Lastly, we did a discussion on emergency shelters before lighting the group campfire and relaxing for the evening.

It rained on us all night, but we all made it til morning!

After breakfast, Nancy got a fire going in very soggy conditions.  I don't think we would have made it without that fire!

We then covered the topics of 'Daypack essentials', finding and purifying water, navigation, and knots.  Finally, we talked more about using knots to set up a quick emergency survival shelter.

Mark and I had a great time doing this event with this awesome group.  Maybe we can do something more advanced in the near future.. who knows!