Tue, Mar 7 2017 - Leita Thompson Morning Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Trish
Participants:Trish, Larry S, Dan Space R, Janet J, Leigh B, Laura, Shirley N, Gloria Colley, Jeff Gimpel, Suzanne, Bob R, Bette, Memphis Russ, LindseyW, Gordon Shippey

Write Up:
What a beautiful morning. We set out in chilly weather a hearty group of 15 (4 canceled due to the threat of rain?). Within 10 minutes we were shredding clothes as the sun came out. The high chance of rain that we kept reading about and might ruin our hike did not come until we were sitting in Panera eating lunch. While we did not see the poodle lady or bicycle shorts guy, we were fortunate to see something much better, a hawk and a beautiful bluebird. We also had a new hiker to the group today, Gordon who held up wonderfully with this great group of people. Refreshments were had at the end, a Thursday tradition that was brought to Tuesday this week. Look forward to seeing everybody next week. ~Larry