Sat, Mar 25 2017 - Backpacking Lost Cove in the Smokies (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bob Bunner
Participants:Bob Bunner, Wayne A, Bryan E., John aka Comrade

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Write Up:

On a weekend when rain was virtually certain to find our way, four reality denying AOC backpackers arrived at Fontana Dam.  We steadily climbed the AT to the Shuckstack firetower, where under cloudy skies, we could see the dam and the surrounding mountains.  We enjoyed lunch and talked to a few thru-hikers still early in their journey.  After lunch, we proceeded to the junction with the Lost Cove trail and quickly descended down that path.  There were numerous creek crossings and all of us got our feet a little wet.  We eventually made it to our destination at Lost Cove.  The effects of the drought from this past Fall were still present as the entire meadow was exposed while a creek bent around it.  The premier fire pit with the stone chairs circling around it was already taken.  So, we opted to camp under the trees.  The sun started to peak through more and more as we gathered firewood, pitched our tents, and prepared our supper.  After supper, we sat around the fire, but not too close, as it was a warm evening.  For the next couple of hours, the sky cleared and the stars appeared.  We told stories about our outdoor experiences.  We began to doubt the weather forecast that had predicted rain from about 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the next day, but we made sure our flies were taught to withstand the onslaught.  About 3:00 a.m., the rain came.  It was a steady downpour for about three hours, kind of soothing for those of us who have difficulty sleeping.  Almost magically, the rain ceased around 6:30 and we emerged that morning to mostly cloudy skies and the sun occasionally peaking through.  We enjoyed our breakfasts while enjoying the scenic morning.  Then, we packed up and made our return journey along the Lakeshore trail.  Despite putting our pack covers on to shield our gear from the rain, the weather remained dry the rest of our journey.  We made up stories about moonshiners to account for the abandoned cars along the way.  After our successful journey, we did what all backpackers do, we went our for a real meal.  Our destination was the River's End where we could enjoy our meal while sitting atop the Nantahala River.  The kayakers passing by entertained us as they did their rolls and spins.  Eventually, we had to get on our way back home.  Thank you everyong for contributing to a great weekend!