Sun, Mar 5 2017 - Amicalola Falls Hike Inn Loop (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Kristie, Greg, Gary, Stacey Johnson, Gail, Kip, Gary Hubert

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Write Up:

It started out as an ordinary Hike Inn loop. We met at the top of the falls and proceeded up the steps toward the AT Approach trail. Not wanting to disappoint those who had read the event description and were expecting a fast pace.... well we hiked fast. It was a beautiful sunny day, and coats and gloves were quickly shed. We made the right turn onto the green-blazed Hike Inn trail, enjoying sweeping vistas through the canopy of mountain laurels and rhododendron. 

Then it appeared! Like a beacon in a storm, the Hike Inn called to us to come rest for a while. And here we encountered an extraordinary find: the homemade chocolate tunnel cake. Dense and delicious. We washed it down with strong hot coffee and were fortified to go on our way. Down the Hike Inn trail we went, admiring the hemlock trees and spreading patches of Galax with their shiny, reddish bronzed leaves. 

Then, another extraordinary experience: A participant who shall remain nameless asked if we'd like to take a "100-yard" side trip to the secret waterfall. Well who can refuse that? Into the woods we went, descending down a slippery leaf-covered slope "approximately" 100 yards away. Just when we were beginning to question our sanity, we heard the roar of the falls, rounded the bend and were rewarded with a stunning sight. A hidden gem indeed! Thirty minutes later, we were back on the main trail after our "five minute" detour. (My "quotes" are all in good fun as this excursion was truly the highlight of our day. After the chocolate cake).

Overall, a fantastic day and a memorable hike. Great companionship, engaging conversation, perfect weather, and a little exercise. Plus a heart-pounding extra adventure and delicious chocolate cake!