Sun, Nov 23 2003 - Waterfalls on Little Rock and Benton Creeks, TN (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Udo Licht, Bruce, Janice Mcgowen, Susan Cooper, Denine Rowley, Steve Henderson, Bryan Hausner, Sandra Schlosser, Stephanie Branson, Yuka Fujiu, Allison Barth, Josh Spier, Michael Aubertine

Write Up:
The day started out a bit cool at the park and ride, but was sunny the whole day, and unseasonably warm all day. Little Rock Creek was nice and scenic, and as the two water crossings were reached, one by one, five of ten people joined the ‘water club’, all falling on soft rearward cushiony parts of the body; thank goodness. Denine did the most eloquent of the water-falls, which I titled the ‘waterdance’. Much as Udo, three others and myself (dry bunch) would have loved to join their wet company, none of us ‘went down’ as the water club was hoping; our reward being only wet feet instead of butts. I tripped over the usual suspects, a few rocks and roots. Thankfully, no one was harmed-just part of the days entertainment along with the beautiful scenery.

We dined at the ‘secret waterfall’ on Little Rock Creek, and thanks to Susan for bringing extra food, grapes and carrots, were pleasant addition to trail mix bars, and shared with several people.

After returning, we all traveled to the next trailhead, stopped at two very scenic overlooks. We soaked up sun, strong cool breezes and beautiful views, before moving on, with urging from many anxious and over-exited yellow-jackets.

After arriving at the second trailhead, we discovered, because of the off-season, the deluxe restrooms had been substituted with one limited capacity porta-potty; but that was better than bushes the previous trail had offered. Then we were on our way on the slightly longer trail, and found evidence of Hansel or Gretel (not sure which) left a trail of M & M’s to help guide us all to Benton Falls. At Benton Falls, we enjoyed the view, munched more snacks and water; Yuka consumed ‘Smart Water’-with electrolites (didn’t save her from the water club), which some tourists dangerously close to the edge at the top of the falls needed a sip of. Then we all returned following the M & M trail, and found evidence (empty packet) someone had snorted beef bullion on the trail-(not one of us). Susan removed the packet, along with can, plastic bottle found at the falls—and thank her for that too-for cleaning up the more heavily used Benton Falls trail.

On the way back 7 of us stopped at a restaurant Udo suggested-the ‘Gondolier’ (many thanks to Udo for the suggestion-it will be visited again) which has an Italian-Greek-American extensive menu. Great pizza as well as manicotti, fettuccini and lasagna were consumed. The meal was well-earned by another great crowd of fun and hearty hikers.

Thanks to all for contributing to a fun crowd of hikers on a great day, and special thanks to Allison and Denine for bringing cameras (forgotten by myself) and taking some good photos.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Allison Barth