Mon, Nov 17 2003 - Rock Climbing at Atlanta Rocks (Intown) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Agwild, Felix Marcet, Sandra Schlosser, Pamela Davis, Geoff Mueller, Teri Cole, Yuka Fujiu, Bryan Hausner, Kathleen (Kat) Pomella, Neesie,

Write Up:
There were many newbies this time but after a brief lesson by Jeff hon some climbing technique and how to tie the important knots, everyone started climbing. The great thing is that we had enough people who were belay certified for everyone to climb. Two people even became belay certified, while a couple of others will be certified after a little more practice. But not too bad for the first time out!! Since there were many beginners we started out easy and then by the end of the night started challenging one another to who could and could not finish a route.
Written By: Jeff Chang
Photos From: Jeff Chang