Mon, May 22 2017 - Gahuti Backcountry Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): LindseyW
Participants:LindseyW, George Foote, Joyce T.

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Write Up:

It started out a "box of chocolates" day not knowing what kind of weather we were going to get.  But it turned out to be an absolutely great day for hiking, at least on the Gahuti Backcountry Trail. Slightly overcast and cooler than it had been, we made our way through this pristine forest of pine and hardwoods, some of them old growth and towering. At the altitude of 2500' and in late May, this Southern Appalachia locale offered up clumps of flush pink and white Mountain Laurel, the last of some still brilliant rhododendron, blooming wild azaleas and clusters of crimson (with sprigs of yellow) flaming azaleas. (see accompanying photo log). Complete with vibrant streams and waterfalls from recent rains, this hike was full of rewards for several long ascents on this roller coaster type terrain. We even came upon a couple of overlooks where cloud cover had cleared showing vistas of thickly covered green mountains interspersed with mist in the deep valleys. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.