Mon, May 8 2017 - Sawnee Mountain Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): LindseyW
Participants:LindseyW, Rick Chaffin, Pat E, Jean, Jenny C

Write Up:

Today was a perfect day for a walk in the woods.  It started out in the low 60s around 10am and by 2pm when we finished it was mid-70s with blue sky and gentle spring breezes.  The Indian Seats Trail, which is the trail most known to those of us who have hiked up Sawnee Mountain, offers a nice climb up swtchbacks to get the heart pumping.  But across the way is also an excellent adjoining trail called Mountainside Trail that takes you to a more remote part of the park.  The rich canopy of leaves with early May floiage still unfolding. offered nice shade while allowing longer views into the deep woods.  This trail has ridgelines, hilltops and a rollercoaster like terrain around the mountain often taking us completely our of earshot of any traffic.  The full 9 plus miles of hiking so close to Atalnta is a prefect outing get-away which enabole us to still get back home before rush hour.  Whaterver else was accomplished on this gorgeous spring Monday, we can hang our hats on a fantastic walk of good exrecise, great company and time with our luxurious mother nature.