Sat, Jun 3 2017 - Warwoman Trail/Pinnacle Knob (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Carol, Joyce T., Jose F., Suzanne, Linda H, SusanF, Mike S, Gloria, Deb R, Bruce, Sharon, Mary Lou

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Write Up:

This hike was labeled "exploratory" because Carol had never been to Warwoman Dell, and I had never led a hike there. So - - despite the excellent map Doug H. gave to Carol - - we started our hike at the wrong trailhead. (Carol accidentally left the map in the car, and there are several trail choices off the two parking lots.) 

So we hiked, enjoying the undulating, sometimes long hills of the Bartram Trail. We took a .2 mile side trail to Big Rock, which offered a beautiful scenic overlook view and presented our most challenging ascent of the day. In fact, a rope rail was provided because the passage was so steep. From the overlook, José pointed out the Boy Scout camp he helped chaperone in past years, a beautiful spot on a big lake.

Once back on the Bartram Trail, we continued to hike, still believing we were heading to Pinnacle Knob. Soon, we came across a friendly black dog that seemed happy to join our group. The longer he stayed with us, the more convinced we were that he was lost. When we stopped for lunch, we called the phone number on the dog's collar and left a message for the owner. Shortly thereafter, we got a call from Jim Smith, a very grateful resident of Clayton who related that he had lost "Willie Nelson" the day before and was extremely grateful that we found him. (We discovered that Willie Nelson was a pure-bred German Plott Hound, used for bear hunting!) Jim met us on the trail in his ATV and took the tired pup home.

After hiking for 4.5 miles, we realized that we were on the wrong trail, so we turned around and retraced our route, discovering that we had gone in the opposite direction from Pinnacle Knob. However, despite the change in plan (remember, it was "exploratory") we all loved the woods and the trails; so we considered the event a total success.  

Carol and I will repost the Warwoman Dell to Pinnacle Knob event again soon - - and rest assured, we now know exactly where to start the hike next time! ~ Joyce