Tue, Jul 4 2017 - July 4th at Vickery Creek - Oxbo Road (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Daveo, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Dave S, Sue M., Doug, Gail C, Phyllis, Angela S, Bob Schindelholz, Fred Walker, KimVo, Daveo, Carol, Jose F., Sandra a.k.a (Hellraiser), Denise H

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Write Up:

Today's event was a double celebration - - both the 4th of July and Sue M.'s 400th AOC event! Congratulations on that fine achievement, Sue!

DaveO brought American flags and I brought patriotic bandannas, so all of our participants were well decked out for the 4th. We took some less-traveled routes through the Waller Extension, along the Oxbo Trail, through Vickery Creek, down the road to Riverside Road, back into the park, under the Covered Bridge, past the "other side" of the dam, and through the quaint neighborhood back to the Oxbo parking lot. Our excursion took us over 5 miles.

We were happy to have Fred and Bob with us as new AOC members; and it was also great to see Sandra, who brought her little pup, London, along. What a sweet little dog she is!

Happy Fourth of July to all! ~ Joyce