Fri, Sep 29 2017 - Dauset Trails Annual Fall Camping and R&R Retreat: Free Kayaking & Canoeing and miles of Hiking & Biking trails! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Huiling, Harry F, Gayle M., Jen G, Jackie C, Anne, Adel, Lindseyrose, john everly, Mirna S, Andy Verville, Cathy, Bill Wey, Grace, Wendy M, Hillary, Kimmy, Dennis, Dave R, Liz P, lraymer, Leslie, Emily Martin, David, Eileen F., Andrey K, Armchair Guy, Kate

Write Up:

We Dauset Trails adventurers had an unforgettable good time together on this 19th semiannual AOC retreat at the lovely nature preserve near Atlanta.   A big pat on the back to all who participated and contributed to our delicious family-style meals all weekend!  We felt blessed to have such clear fall weather after "Irma" and her stormy wrath just three weeks ago.
  After breakfast on Saturday we enjoyed a leisurely group hike from our campsite to to the Nature Center's famous Wild Animal Trail, museum, and barnyard.  After lunch many of of us also hiked or biked the scenic lakeside connecting trail from the campsite to historic Indian Springs Village - about 8-miles round-trip.  Numerous treats reward visitors there including an ice cream shop, a "whimsical botanical garden" and the famous Indian Springs State Park spring and its beautiful "entrance cascades."
  We look forward to sharing here links to some of the hundreds of colorful photos and video clips that were shot over the weekend!  Until those arrive click here for a nice Facebook photo album of similar shots that Joyce Taaffe shared just after our September trip two years ago:

-Submitted by Charlie, Mon Oct 2nd.  I hope you can join us for our next AOC retreat at this wonderful place, reserved for April 27-29, 2018.