Tue, Aug 22 2017 - Two Year Anniversary of the Leita Thompson Morning Hike! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Jeff, Trish
Participants:Trish, Jeff, Jeff Gimpel, Cathy K, Shirley N, Larry S, Suzanne, Steve F, Bruce P, Lyn S, LindseyW, Carol, Jose F., Sharon C., Bette

Write Up:

Today's hike was a special one - the 2nd anniversary of Trish's Leita Thompson Morning hike. As warned, it was very hot and very humid but everyone stuck together and finished together. We did have the added incentive of some goodies at the finish and the chance to have lunch together at Mellow Mushroom. This time lunch was an extended event, as we had gifts from REI that Trish handed out (Yes!).
This extra time at lunch  gave us a chance to talk about the eclipse experiences, the upcoming trips that our hikers have coming up, which included trips to Banff, Canada and Glacier National Park, next weekend to Acadia National Park and to New York City for the US Open tennis tournament, and the Camino. Oh, yes, and also the Annapurna, Nepal trek next month. Where else except the AOC would you have a lunchtime conversation about upcoming trips like this?? Thank you Trish for bringing us together every week.  ~Jeff G.