Fri, Nov 3 2017 - Classic Pioneer Camping - Fort Mountain State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bill, Stefan, Stacey Johnson, Grant Brown, Wynn
Participants:Bill, Grant Brown, Stacey Johnson, Stefan, Todd M, Luke Warren, Cheryl P, Wynn, Mamatha, Tricia S., Jenny, Niki, Allison B., Debbie G, John V, Wendy M, Winnie H, Scott Kozlowski, Jackie C, Grace, Bill Wey, Terry, john everly, Andrey K, Mark P, Sue, Glenn A, Kevin, Mary Kay, Susan W, Lynn, Maxine, Huiling, Bart, Marlene B., Judy, Kathleen Flynn, Mark, Brian, Jami, Alice Edwards, Steve Edwards, Eileen F., David, Ryan, Qing, Tim W, Ben

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Write Up:

Well, it was another great and successful AOC Pioneer camping trip! Good job to Bill and his team for organizing a great trip. Many arrived to assist with set up on Friday afternoon. The trail was muddy, but we avoided any rain while we set up tents, cooking grills, and prep area. Kevin got the fire going and the cook team got started with ork and chicken sandwiches grilled by Chef Wynn. Bill threw together some toasted bread veggie grinders for the vegetarian folks that were very tasty. Around 8 Todd, Luke, and Grant got the music started with a new found and much appreciated percussionist joint in; thanks for bringing your djembe drum Bryan! The music went on in the spare adirondack shelter turned rock ‘n roll stage. The musicians exchanged performances and played together on different instruments at times. Many gathered around and sang along while many stayed close to the bonfire that was potentially visible from low earth orbit! The evening ended with just a few musicians and folks gathered around the fire for some quieter songs and discussions of life the essence of human nature with Bill, Mark R, and Grant. The next morning campers were up and about even at 6 AM! Breakfast was put on and Stephan brewed giant pots of coffee that were emptied rapidly by the sleepy eyed being crawling out of their bags. We awoke to a day of great weather less one 20 minute midday shower just to keep things balanced. Jenny and Mark R. Took off with a group to complete the entire 12 miles of up and down slopes of the Gahuti Trail. Mark P. Took another bunch on a 10 miler in the opposite direction. Grant and three others headed out with their mountain bikes on trail 301. The forest was George about with the intense yellows and oranges of peak season leaf color. All had a great day of activity while some relaxed in camp and watched our things. The evening brought our premiere meal with chef Wynn and Tricia seared and then grilled the steaks while Stephan manned the salmon. Bill delivered a message with shots from President Trena and Stacey played some great games with several teams competing for AOC water bottles; great fun! The music started up again around dark and the band was joined by Scott K. On guitar. The band did a few awesome jams with “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Truckin’” being a few of the highlights. The evening won early as many were tired and turned in, but the diehards held out to midnight with more music and fireside chats. The next day was a quick breakfast and more of Stephanbucks’ coffee served as we struck the camp and headed home. All-in-all it was a great weekend with a great and large group of AOC’ers. Congratulations and good job to all the trip leaders assisting for the event! Hope to see you all again soon! Tentative plans already being made for Vogel State Park March 2018. Here are some photos from Grant's camera. Feel free to share your own to the album: