Mon, Aug 7 2017 - NEW LOCATION! - Monday Morning at Kennesaw Mountain - Beginners Welcome (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Linda H, Ray S, Bill C, Doug, Shirley N, Steve F, Gayle M., Pete, Bruce P, Milt K, Sharon C., Jennifer W, Maureen N

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Write Up:

How lucky we were to get in this peaceful hike without a drop of rain. The humidity was high, but the thought of frozen popsicles after thehike (Trena's trademark) helped us deal with it. We welcomed Maureen, a newbie, into the club and hope she'll join us often on future hikes.

This 24 Gun Battery Trail is really a beautiful one, and one that seems to be little used. It's definitely a perfect hike for beginners (or for vets who just like to hike)! ~ Joyce