Sat, Aug 26 2017 - Chattooga Cliffs Trail Hike and Swim (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark, Marina
Participants:Mark, Marina, Laura V, Michael Johnson, Michelle S., Brian W, Mark W

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Write Up:

Following our call for fresh air, wild forest, and river exploration the seven of us joined together to journey on this trip.

We hiked under lush green tree canopy, passed thru trail obstacles as fallen trees and wet rocks, and enjoyed great views of the river and the cliff surfaces on the river side.

We made a stop at the meeting of Norton Mill Creek with Chattoga River, to rest along the beautiful waterfall and large swimming hole with a sandbar. We had fun time swimming, observing  fishes, and cooling off our feet in the water. Soon along the trail we had the luck of seeing second beautiful waterfall. Near the end of the trail before returning back we walked through the small Whiteside Cove cemetery, from where we could see glimpses of Whiteside Mountain.

Thanks to the wise suggestion of our trip leader Mark, after we completed the trail we made another stop along the way. Hiking just few hundred yards from the parking we found huge open rock surface named Slick Rock and from there enjoyed great views of the surrounding mountains.

At the end of the day we had our feet sore, muscles aching, minds calmed, and souls soothed.

Of course we couldn't end a day like that without a stop at Mama G's. There we had delicious dinner before returning back to the big city.