Sat, Aug 26 2017 - Kennesaw 17.5 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R, Wynn
Participants:Wynn, Chuck R, George, Tricia Saul, Mirabelle

Write Up:

First of all, congratulations to Chuck on his first Trip Leader training hike.  He did a great job! - Wynn

Here is Chuck's write-up of the event:

We started our day with the meet up at Burnt Hickory parking lot. Everybody showed up on time and eager to hike. We took the Brumby Trail for a warm-up, heading for the visitor center.  After taking a brief break we set off to the mountain. We veteran hikers forget how unforgiving it can be. We had a handful of new hikers who had never seen this mountain before, for them it was like climbing Mount Everest. As we descended we headed for the east trails. It will definitely keep you busy in navigation skills. We changed our route from noses trail to Hardage Mill Trail, excellent choice thanks to Tricia, lots of creeks and streams and a soft trail with canopy. As soon as we came out of the woods and took  to the fields we were greeted with east winds and slightly overcast skies - perfect set up!

Picking up our pace knowing we are getting closer to our hiker paradise Subway! Subway! Subway, and don't forget about Kroger just in case you need to do some last-minute shopping. This is why this hike is so much fun - it really is! With full bellies still wondering if I should of got the foot long - We trekked back north to finish our hike.

I would like to do some shout outs. We had a hiker who actually put in some bonus miles - while on his quest he fended off a snake  who had a couple in fear - thank you George. Now for my hiker of the day or maybe the year - its Mirabelle who had a disagreement with her shoes at the halfway point of the Hike.  She persevered through most of her hike with the discomfort. Finally she had  Enough and took off her boots and Went shoeless - Barefoot with 3 miles left she completed it! This is one of the reasons why I hike is to see the amazing people over coming there problems It was a great day.

Happy trails...