Thu, Sep 14 2017 - Thursday Morning Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:SusanF, Mirabelle, Michael S, Joyce T., Shirley N, Dave S, Linda H, Larry S, Steve S, Dan R, Steve F, Ellie H, Jeff Gimpel, Suzanne, Memphis Russ, Doug, JoanneR, Milt K, Bette, LindseyW

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Write Up:

Oh, the therapy of the woods with a group of good friends . . . ! It was a lovely hike on this overcast day. There was the look of rain when we started (Larry related the forecast of 15% chance), but no precipitation except for the beads of sweat that fell from us due to the high humidity. 

We kept the pace very moderate, but managed to get in between 5.2 - 5.5 miles. During our hike, we were able to catch up on the travels of Lindsey (Canadian backpacking trip), Suzanne and Susan (trips to Glacier), Bette (Acadia adventure), and Dan (hosting 11 relatives who travelled from St. Pete to escape the threat of Irma). Friendly conversation was plentiful throughout the hike - - always a delightful sound to hear.  

Mirabelle arrived a bit late, so she missed starting with the group. Happily, she caught up with us in time for me to take a lovely photo of her. ~ Joyce