Sat, Sep 30 2017 - Dockery Lake to Woody Gap and Back (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R, Lisa
Participants:Chuck R, Sarah, Lisa, Ron Jacobs, Laura M, Sing, Mirabelle, LindseyW, Pam, Debra W

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Write Up:

The day started with a hint of fall with a cobalt blue sky. Immediately as we headed for the trail head, we were confronted with ribbon and signs warning us of trail damage from hurricane Irma. Somebody in our group under their breath mentioned it looks like a crime scene. We took a deep breath and proceeded on. We crossed our 1st foot bridge, which was Dockery Lake to our right, steam still rising from the sleepy lake!

Then we entered the forest, I hope you're good at the limbo because we sure needed it. We had the aroma of fermenting leaves but also the smell of cut wood, that was our first hint of what was to come. Then it began, tree after tree blow down. We called it the obstacle course but in a strange way it was fun! Nothing would stop us from our destination to the revival at Preachers Rock! Mile one, we approached a ridge on the west. To our surprise was a mountain pass with the sun still rising. A plethora of colors from the sun exploded. It will be shown in the event photos.

Still entering the forest we had streams beneath our boots thanks to Pigeon Roost Creek following us for the next 2 miles, how serene it was! We stopped to shed a layer and then proceeded to the obstacle course. Making it to Woody Gap, we turned around back on the trail to Preachers Rock where we took lunch and did a couple of alleluia's and an amen! Then back to the cars. As we were leaving gratefully to be sitting in our cars we had one of our hikers gearing up for another hike and that would be Laura a true hiker to us all! I would like to thank Lisa for stepping up for replacing Aaron for this event, hope you feel better.

Always be prepared, scouts motto.

Chuck R.