Thu, Sep 28 2017 - Thursday Morning Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Carol, SusanF, Larry S, Dave S, Shirley N, Lyn S, Jeff Gimpel, Steve F, Ellie H, Gerrilyn, Linda H, Dan Space R, Michael S, Jack M, Bunnie, JoanneR, Doug, Memphis Russ, Gloria Colley

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Write Up:

We are really looking forward to some cooler weather!  Our vets are well-conditioned to these hot, humid days, but we'll gladly take a drop in temperature.  That being said, we're VERY grateful for bright, sunny days.

We had a full group today (20) with no newcomers.  The warm-up hill has become a weekly challenge, with different participants vying for the first-place finish.  Milt K. wasn't with us today (a strong challenger), and Susan F. doesn't run, so everyone had a chance to be number one.  Let's amend that last sentence:  Susan DIDN'T run in the past - - but she certainly found another gear to get her to the top first!  Bunnie was close behind, so they shared the victory.

We made it to 5+ miles despite the heat and had an even dozen at the North River Tavern for lunch.  ~ Joyce