Sat, Oct 21 2017 - Berry College - House of Dreams, Old Mill, Ford Buildings, etc (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa, Wynn
Participants:Bill Wey, Grace, Pam, Rozanne, Joyce B., Mary Beth, Jane Z, Shawn Z, Wynn, Lisa, Tricia S., Debra W, Irina P

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Write Up:

We began our adventure in the parking lot behind the Cage Center, the Berry College athletic complex and gymnasium. We watched a lone deer grazing beneath the famed eagles' nest. There was a chill in the air so we started our walk westward past the library, the brand new theatre, an adventure challenge course, intramural sports fields, and the Roosevelt Cabin which served as Martha Berry's residence from 1903 until 1907. We went inside the student center at Krannert Hall, noting the dining hall, giant calendar of events, Starbuck's, student post office, and clean restrooms. We went out past the patio, pausing for a photo op near the waterfall. Hopping back in the cars, we drove the couple miles up Stretch Road which connects the main campus and mountain campus.

First stop, the Normandy Buildings which were built between 1931-37, originally to house faculty, staff, and students working at the dairy or farm. Some of the buildings were originally barns. We enjoyed a moment of reflection inside the Frost Chapel (constructed by Berry students and staff, completed in 1937) before starting out on foot toward the top of Lavender Mountain. We went consistently up for a couple miles, along the Hurtin' Gator trail, until we reached the House o' Dreams. Here we enjoyed a leisurely lunch break and explored the gardens and orchards on the well-maintained grounds.

Then it was back down the mountain, a stop at the old mill (one of the largest waterwheels in the world, built by student workers in 1930) and time for a brief tour of the Ford buildings including a glance inside one of the dorm rooms. Then it was on to Oak Hill (another of Martha Berry's homes, this one a Greek revival style) and the Martha Berry museum. We'll save the guided tour for another day. We capped the day with a fine meal at Harvest Moon Cafe.