Sat, Nov 11 2017 - All Trails Lead to Blood Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bill, Chuck R
Participants:Bill, Chuck R, Marylee B., Janet J, Adel, Lisa, Sarah, Mike M, Bill Wey, Grace, Ron Jacobs, Mark K, Steve T, Liz C, Trena

Write Up:

We had 15 and a half hikers on this beautiful Veterans Day, with some special guests, including Summer our group mascot! We had a line up of trails to accomplish Slaughter Creek, Jarrard,Freeman,and the A/T two of them were hiked in some spots twice. 

 Freeman stood out the most, if you like to rock hop this is your trail. Hiking mostly on the eastern side of the mountains we got a good dose of vitamin d . Warming up to  a light sweat even at temps at 36 degrees ( wind chill factor). Making it to Neels Gap for lunch we sat outside on table benches to share food and conversations.
After lunch we all had a surge of morale, and took off to conquer Blood Mountain we hit the east side and nailed it with amazing time ! We ended our hike with Slaughter Creek, with friendly conversation also with a great sense of accomplishment. 
To me this is what it’s all about and let’s not forget it’s all about having fun!! I would like to thank Bill Pike for the call of duty he responded graciously for my request as acting TL on this hike. I hope all prospects go through this journey as of I .We are the best ass kicking club in Georgia 💪.Chuck R.