Sun, Oct 29 2017 - Boling Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana, Joyce T.
Participants:Diana, Kimmy, Yong, Joyce T., Robin B, Bob S, John, Donna, Edith, Steve T, Sue M., Bart, Angela B

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Write Up:

The trails at Boling Park are certainly enigmatic. Despite two very good maps of the area, the abundance of unmarked side trails/access roads and un-blazed main trails caused the need to backtrack our route several times. We tried to access the red and green trails, but we don't think they exist any longer. It really didn't matter, since the trails were all quite similar. We just enjoyed the hike and being out in .the exhilarating weather, getting in distance regardless of knowing exactly where we were.

We enjoyed meeting Yong and Robin, two newer members of the AOC, and Bob, a brand new member. They all handled the 8+ miles handily. 

This park begs another visit so that we can check out more of the trails to get a better feel for the place. ~ Joyce