Sat, Nov 4 2017 - Pinnacle Knob via Bartram Trail/ Fall Foliage and Waterfalls/ Warwoman Nature Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Marina
Participants:Michael Johnson, Vera N, Mary T, Marina, Charles, Ron Walker, Hugh Baker, sanjay

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Write Up:

It was beautiful Fall day in the mountains. The weather stayed nice the whole day and instead of possible rain/thundershowers nature rewarded us with colorful shower of yellow, orange, and red leaves. We did quick stops at Becky Branch Creek Falls and Martin Creek Falls to enjoy the soothing sound of cascading water. Close after the first waterfall we walked through yellow jackets nest and two people of the group got stung, very glad none of them had allergic reaction.

We saw rare edible wild mushroom (bear’s head mushroom) and huge toad along the trail. At the top we enjoyed great view of the mountains, tasty lunch, and good story telling time. Meanwhile the sun was trying to pick through the clouds.

Being more observant and hiking with smooth steps, we passed with no casualties through the yellow jackets nest on the way out.

After being back to parking and off Bartram Trail we explored the Warwoman Nature Trail. Proving that its always good to go into uncharted territory we had great finds - awesome covered picnic area with fireplace and grills, and got to know the story behind the name of Warwoman Dell.

Glad to hike with everyone who joined the group, awesome day!