Mon, Nov 6 2017 - Burnt Hickory Loop @ Kennesaw (Beginners Welcome) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Bob R, Doug, Bruce P, Shirley N, RichardR, JoanneR, Carolyn Naser, Jennifer W, Bill Lohmeyer, Darleen, Bill C, Val, joan, Marty E, Milt K, Janet G, Dan V

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Write Up:

Before the hike, Joanna, Richard and I walked across the street to see the llamas at the llama farm. They came close to the fence, so I was able to get good shots of them.

The hike was beautiful with full fall colors on the trees and blankets of bright leaves covering all the trails. Though it was a bit warm, there was still a little coolness to the air, and humidity was low.

We welcomed two newbies to the AOC - - Marty (on his first AOC hike) and Dan (on his second). Dan was a little late to the event, so he had to work hard to catch up with the group. Welcome to both new members. ~ Joyce