Sun, Nov 26 2017 - Sunday at Sope Creek(Paper Mill Road) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Hugh Baker, Diana
Participants:Joyce T., Bob R, Bob G, michele shauf, Diana, Jeanne, Mary T, Marylee B., RonnyJ (Call me Ron), Steve T, Mtn Mike, Hugh Baker, Doug, Tom, Lev

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Write Up:

It was perfect fall weather for a hike in the woods. And, as expected, the parking lot of the Sope 
Creek section of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area was filling quickly by our 8:30 
start time. We encountered many bicyclists, joggers and other hikers as we made our way through this 
small section of wilderness. Nearing the end of our hike we split into two groups - one that returned to the parking lot and a group that went a bit further to see the paper mill ruins. Following a scramble along the shore of Sope Creek we arrived at the remnants of what must have been an impressive building during its productive years prior to the Civil War. After a short hike we were back to the parking lot. 

It was a beautiful morning spent with a great group of hikers getting some healthy exercise, another great AOC hike. 

Attached photo album provided by fellow TL Joyce T. -  Thanks so much Joyce

Diana (TL) and Hugh (PTL)