Sat, Jan 6 2018 - Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain Shelter (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Roman, Melle, Lisa, Sarah, Steve, Vera N, Suhas, Kim Wilson, Mary Beth, Mike Pawloski

Write Up:
Starting the New Year with 11 hikers, temps began in the low teens with calm winds and a crystal blue sky! Trail conditions were very good - just a couple of iced patches. Not many other hikers were on the trail. We had it all to ourselves! We took our first climb over Rocky Mountain and were greeted with plentiful sunshine which made the hike more promising. As we regrouped, we noticed some of us were experiencing that our sip tubes were freezing. The matter was soon resolved as we disconnected the tubes and placed them close to the body. Later we made it for lunch at the shelter (with privey). We munched on frozen trail bars and other delectables. We were entertained with Koty, the trail mascot, as he was earning his treats! After lunch, the next stop was off trail to the awesome views - it was quite a treat for some who have never been there! Now back to finishing the hike - we had to tackle the backside of Rocky. As a Leader, I'm always concerned about the abilities of the group. But this time I had a certain comfort of being watched from above - yes you got it....... the C.A.P. ( civil air patrol) They were keeping a safe watch over us as we were at our most stressful climb! Thanks Aron - we were hoping you could have done an air drop of some Yona burgers. Also - Thanks Michael P for trash pick up on the trail and Lisa for the hike support. Chuck R.

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