Sat, Dec 16 2017 - Azalea Park to Morgan Falls Dam & Back (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay, Thomas W.
Participants:Thomas W., Horhay, Heidi W., JoanneR, RichardR, Dr. Dan Batchelor, Jane Z, Shawn Z

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Write Up:

Well, today we put  my first "yellow star" PTL event in the books...and we look forward to the next event.

Today's paddling event on the Chattahoochee River SoBo from Azalea boat ramp to Morgan Falls & back was absolutely amazing. Everyone was paying close attention to the weather leading up to 1 p.m. I'm sure, but it was not an issue. We bundled up, layered up and got the #PADDLESUP! We met at the boat ramp just before our 1 p.m. launch time, did some intros and overviews of our route and got on the water for what turned out to be 8.5 miles! In that 8.5 miles we saw countless birds, waterfowl, hikers, paddlers (that were just as crazy as us) and even an owl. The 8 of us (including yours truely) paddled easily down river as we went with a gentle breeze that was in our favor to the dam. The water level was high today, higher than I have seen it in months, so that gave us the opportunity to explore the inlets along the Gold Branch trails and come out right near the Overlook at the park. We paddled over the 313 marker and up toward the dam (a safe distance away, of course) and headed back. The route back we did have to work a little harder and we quickly found out that Dr Dan had put his boat in to overdrive (later finding out his feet got soaked and he was absolutely freezing...probably a little bit like Thomas & Heidi's dog, Auggie, who went for a quick unscheduled swim at the very end of the day) and he was not to be seen again except on the horizon. Meanwhile the 7 of us paddled in to Azalea smoothly, loaded up the boats and said good bye until next time...Thank you all for a great paddle and a great day! We'll see you soon, you can bet on it!