Sat, Feb 24 2018 - Coosa Backcountry Loop: Coosa Bald & Slaughter Mtn (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Vera N, Melle, Kathy Malone, Roman, Greg Walling, Ralph Howard, Ann Howard, Sarah, Laura M, Bob J, Ping, Lisa, Ron Jacobs, Charles

Write Up:
We had 15 hikers on this day, with weather well on the kind side, blessed with a kiss from the cool winds as we topped certain laborious climbs! Coosa was behaving on this trek, she took no prisoners ( Today) . As we entered Sosebee valley I heard a welcome cry from a Pileated woodpecker that I took as a good omen, while I was praying to the hiker gods for a safe journey. The creeks main arteries of the forest were at full beat! Everything had a cohesive feel . We had a great lunch on top of Coosa, on the big log viewing Blood Mountain. After lunch we passed over our last pinnacle .( Slaughter Mountain) The group rallied after passing the junction of the D.R.T. and Coosa.We made it to the final stretch! I saw on this day a lot of determination,resilience, and persistence in this group.Some hikers literally fell on the trail and got up and then brushed themselves off and kept going.Thanks for the teamwork Greg and Sarah for the relay on the trail. Good luck to Ann and Ralph on their big trip to Japan . Chuck R.