Sat, Mar 3 2018 - Standing Indian Day Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Laura M, Pamela, Mike S, David W., Hannah B, Stephen

Write Up:
We started our day with cold temps and clear skies with a great group of folks.Our hike started with a maze of a river, creeks and streams one of them being The Mighty Nantahala River( land of the noon day sun) . As our hike continued we later found some elevation that would carry us into the summit of Standing Indian. We had perfect conditions for a Mountain lunch. After energy was regained we happily trotted down hill on the A/T passing the S.I. Shelter and many thru hikers on their nobo hike. The remaining 4 miles was The Kimsey creek which included log crossings,foot bridges and plenty of tributaries that was in some parts the trail! I would like to thank Mike S. for looking out for the rear and Pamela H. with her trail humor and for everyone digging in their heels to hike this Mountain. Chuck R.