Sun, Feb 18 2018 - Mason Mill Park + Emory via new PATH Peachtree Creek Tunnel under Clairmont Rd (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Deb, Martha Mock, Bill S, Bill Wey, Jennifer C, Xiaokun, Peipei, Taz, Jennifer Miles, Anthony, Jenny C, Zahra, Amir, Edith, Shashwat T, Laurene, Grace, Linda, Jan Searle, Bonnie C, Lisa Maldonado, Oscar

Write Up:

On this adventurous Sunday afternoon outing we took advantage of the springlike weather and explored some of the most scenic and historic portions of both parks.  As planned we were among the first hikers ever to utilize the new paved "PATH tunnel" that lets pedestrians and cyclists pass safely underneath Clairmont Road from Mason Mill Park to the Lullwater Preserve via Emory's "Clairmont Campus."  Along the way we took a wide variety of off-the-beaten-path scenic loops, spurs and connecting trails and intentionally avoided continuous long stretches of the "double-wide" PATH boardwalks and paved corridors.
  Thanks to newly active members Xiaokun, Shashwat and Jan for "taking the plunge" to be part of our adventure.  We also enjoyed having several friendly and fit little canines accompany us on the hike.
  It was a pleasant surprise to run into my friends Joe & Pronda Few who were exploring Mason Mill Park's trails and the historic Decatur Waterworks ruins for the first time with their dog, and we were glad to have them join us for a portion of our connecting hike to Emory.  - Submitted by Charlie, Mon Feb 19

Thanks to Zahra for sharing some of her nice photos that she took during the hike.  Here's one of our discussion of the non-native holly look-alike called "Leatherleaf Mahonia" - taken by the shore of Emory's Candler Lake.